League Codes

AMF Florida Lanes
League Name League Code
Practice Makes Perfect FL01
American Legion Patriots FL02
Party Time FL03
AMF University Lanes
League Name League Code
Mens Commercial UN01
AMF Scratch Trio UN02
Educators Anonymous UN03
United Commercial UN05
Brandon Crossroads Bowl
League Name League Code
Sunrise BR17
Sunday Blenders BR18
Sunrise Winter 2012 BR19
BCB Classic Trio BR01
Tuesday All Stars BR02
Tampa Bay Mens BR03
Hits & Misses BR04
Wednesday Wackos BR05
J J Jammers BR06
BCB Mens Invitational BR07
Senior Mens Trios BR08
Up Your Average BR09
Christian Fellowship BR10
Christian Family BR12
Ladies and Gents BR13
Good Time Gang BR14
Golden Agers BR15
Saturday Nite Live BR16
Family Bowl
League Name League Code
Koffee Klubbers FB01
Mens Keglers FB02
Fall Fellowship FB03
MacDill Lanes
League Name League Code
Wednesday Mixed MD01
Oakfield Lanes
League Name League Code
Dick Stowers OA01
Bowling For Schools OA02
Ladies for Schools Bowling OA03
Alvarez Ladies OA04
Friday Niners OA05
Suncoast Ceramics OA06
Outback Ladies Invitational OA07
James Rivard Pontiac OA08
Monday NIte Madness OA09
Wednesday Matinee Seniors OA10
Splits & Misses OA11
Sunshine State Federal OA12
Ladies of the IISA OA13
Tuesday Night Trio OA14
Pin Chasers - Midtown
League Name League Code
Sardegnas Industrial PM08
Hitters & Missers PM09
Sparemakers PM10
Am-Fil PM11
Monday Mixed Classic PM12
Funtime - Fall PM13
New Cats PM14
Beginner's Luck PM15
Pepsi 8/40 PM16
Funtime Spring 2012 PM17
New Cats Spring PM18
Party Mixers Spring 2012 PM19
Friday Night 4 Play Spring 2012 PM20
Wednesday Nite Live PM21
Goldan Age Club PM01
Senior Pals PM02
Friday Night 4 Play PM03
Hi-Low's PM04
Office Party PM05
Sunrisers PM06
Party Mixers PM07
Pin Chasers - Veterans
League Name League Code
Crown Ladies Classic PV01
Imperials PV02
Breakaway PV03
Crown Jewels PV04
Golddiggers PV05
Hits and Misses PV06
Jr./Adult Scratch Doubles PV07
Crown Keglers PV08
All Stars PV09
Airport Fellowship PV10
Thunder and Lightning PV11
Pinarama Lanes
League Name League Code
Pinarama Seniors PN01
Fright Night Miced PN02
Wednesday Early Bird PN03
B X Mixed PN04
Royal Lanes
League Name League Code
Just For Fun RY08
Jacks and Janes RY01
Lakerettes RY02
The Young & The Rest of Us RY03
Classy Lassies RY04
Men's Night Out RY05
Odd Couples RY06
Monday Madness RY07
Tampa Lanes
League Name League Code
Wednesday Nite Mixers TP01
Monday Doubles TP02
Monday Doubles II TP03
Terrace Sports Center
League Name League Code
Terrace Bells TR01
Night Owls Fall 2012 TR02
Night Owls Winter 2013 TR03
Feisty Friends TR04
The Alley at Southshore
League Name League Code
Robert Kennedy Jr. Memorial TA01
Tuesday Mixers TA02
Wednesday Fun Timers TA03
Friday Fun Bunch TA04